Easy Health Strategies for Couch Potatoes!

Being grateful for the health we have is a disposition that contributes significantly to your health and well-being. However, the degree of health you have is largely up to you.

Are you looking after your health and that of your family?

Simple Steps to Better Health

You know that nothing happens by itself, right? The fitness focused among us, do their 10 000 steps a day, they go to the gym, and athletes train hard to get where they are. And, it's not just about exercise, its about what you put into your body also.

For the couch potatoes among us, adding a few sensible strategies to your daily routine leaves no excuse for neglecting yourself. Here are our top health tips for you to try:

Morning Tips

  1. Let the first thing you think be to list all that you’re grateful for.
  2. Let the first thing you drink, be a mug of the hottest water you can manage. That will flush away the overnight toxin buildup and take your natural multivitamin supplement.
  3. Schedule the 4-minute routine and finish it off with a few stretch and tone moves.
  4. Use natural supplements with dominantly plant-based meals and add Japanese Matcha Green Tea to your life - its a superfood.

Evening Tips

  1. Reorient yourself from work to family focus by doing the 4-minute Zach Bush Workout again, ending with 5 deep belly breaths - do it with your family!
  2. Over a hot mug of relaxing herb tea, listen to everyone's stories for the day.
  3. Wind down toward bedtime by moving away from electronic devices and entertainment.
  4. End your day on a mug of hot water and take your evening multiminerals.

Daily Health Awareness

To move from couch potato status to healthy habits sometimes just takes some awareness practice. For example, park your car further away from where you want to go so you walk more, or take the stairs rather than the lift every day.

Use your time in traffic to do some deep breathing and grab the broom after you’ve swept the flor, hold the stick lengthways across your shoulders with a hand at each shoulder and do ten waist twists. 

You get the idea - include smart stretches and moves into your daily scope of activity. Soon you’ll feel stronger, more alive and less foggy in the head. Drink filtered water during the day and eat healthy food as often as possible.

Natural supplements will perfectly complement your health awareness goals and we say, ‘good health to you’!

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