How Selenium Supports Your Immune System

Selenium is something of an unsung hero. It is a heavy-weight trace element that works hard as an antioxidant, it fights inflammation, all the while strengthening your overall immune response. 

The Wiley Online Library explains that it is of ‘fundamental importance to human health. It is an essential component of several vital metabolic pathways, the antioxidant defence system, and the functioning of the immune system.’

Don’t Forget Your Selenium

When a coronavirus of any name attacks your immune system, hospitals and caregivers know to supply patients with vitamin C, a good vitamin D3, and Zinc. This is sound practice as most of us are deficient in this triple-punch of natural immune system fighters. 

The Oxford Academic Journal of Nutrition points out that ‘Selenium influences both the innate, “nonadaptive” and the acquired, “adaptive” immune systems… These processes can be improved by selenium supplementation.’

As a supplement, Selenium is like ‘gym in a capsule’ that powers up your immune ‘muscle’.

selenium immune system

At Cures & Creams, we sourced an organic Selenium supplement in its purest state as one of the 74 highly bio-active organic minerals and trace elements including magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, silicon, sodium, chloride, boron, copper, sulphur, iodine, fluoride, zinc, selenium, and strontium found in Lithothamnion Calcareum - a red algae from the North Atlantic Ocean.

Quadruple Immune Supplement with Selenium 

Armed with all the above knowledge you will appreciate how a supplement that specializes in vitamins C and D, Zinc and Selenium covers all your bases. But add the further 72 trace elements from the North Atlantic sea and you’re looking at something quite remarkable.

Our foods no longer bear sufficient nutritional elements, let alone trace minerals like selenium, so natural or organic supplements are sensible to start with.

Quadrimmune immune system booster

Quadrimune capsules can become part of the daily routine for your family - taken on an empty stomach every morning. It is a liberating feeling, knowing you’re doing all you can to boost your family’s immune system before you send them out your home to whatever they will face in any given day.

Summary: today, foods no longer bear sufficient nutritional elements. Supporting you and your family's immune system with natural supplements makes perfect sense.

Feel free to explore the Cures & Creams online store and source the natural remedy that’s just right for you and your loved ones.

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