Natural Supplements: How to Boost Your Immune System with Organic Remedies

Natural supplements and remedies that boost our immune system are more essential than ever before as we shall see, but they are not a panacea on their own. Sunlight, exercise, a clean diet, and a healthy outlook are and always will be, essential for the well-being of the human organism. 

However, there is a little known anomaly that is coming to light. In what has been dubbed the 'Great Nutrient Collapse', global warming is adversely affecting the quality of our plant life. 'A fact that is not on most people's radar,' commented integrative medicine nutritionist, Robin Foroutan.

Nutrient Deficiencies in Plants Create Urgent Need for Natural Supplements & Remedies

People are eating well and the produce they consume looks healthy, but they are undernourished and their immune systems are compromised! How does that happen?

Researcher Irakli Loladze explains the paradox: 'Every leaf and every grass blade on earth makes more and more sugars as CO2 levels keep rising. We are witnessing the greatest injection of carbohydrates into the biosphere in human history―[an] injection that dilutes other nutrients in our food supply.'

According to the Global Hunger Index, billions of people in lands of plenty 'get so little essential vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat that they remain undernourished... Hidden hunger weakens the immune system, stunts physical and intellectual growth...' 

Similar studies demonstrate that plants exposed to excess carbon dioxide produce less nectar, with a very negative knock-on effect for hummingbirds and butterflies. The pollen on plants exposed to excess carbon dioxide contains less protein, which in turn, adversely affects bees and the quality of the honey they make. 

We’ll leave you to work your way through the food chain and understand that the milk and honey, the fruits and vegetables, and the meat and poultry that we are now consuming are not what they used to be. Even if we are fastidious about eating fresh organic food, the same dilution of nutrients applies.

Did you know?

We would have to eat in the region of eight oranges per day to derive the same amounts of Vitamin A our grandparents got from eating just one?

 Cures & Creams organic remedies

While we all know plants need carbon dioxide for their growth and the process of photosynthesis, who knew that excess CO2, while making vegetation grow bigger and faster, is simultaneously diluting nutrients? We can start to understand why malnutrition of hidden hunger is so hard to detect.

The case for natural supplements and organic remedies for growing children especially could be more urgent. The effect of these deficiencies in children has resulted in impaired cognitive development. For adults, premature death, weak immune systems, and preventable ailments are among the sad results of nutritional deficiencies.

Natural Supplements & Remedies Boost Immune Systems for Children & Adults

Top on the list of nutritional deficiencies according to WHO (World Health Organization) are iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, and zinc – which is vital in our defense against viral outbreaks and pandemics. 

An increased interest in the mega nutrition found in superfoods worldwide is riding the wave of the growing ‘hidden hunger’ phenomenon. The original list of 9 superfoods has grown to include some 25. Many of these, however, will start to suffer from nutrient deficiency too as carbon dioxide excess continues to strip our sources of food.

Are we helpless in the face of this harsh reality? Not yet, but there is something we need to know first. Not all that is classified 'natural', is compatible with the human body.

Some common supplements, for example, use limestone as a source of calcium. It's ‘natural’ because yes, limestone is found in nature, but consuming it is not at all natural to the human organism. The calcium from suchlike sources  passes through the digestive system mostly unused and worse, settles in the soft tissues and arteries, which hardens over time. Other commonly-used calcium in supplements, carry risks linked with heart disease, prostate cancer, and excess calcium in the bloodstream (hypercalcemia).

Supplementing vitamins and minerals can be a tedious task if we want to cover all our bases and avoid taking supplements that are but a two-edged sword with unwanted side effects. But there is help.

Enter Lithothamnion Calcareum:

This is a unique species of red plant algae harvested from the cold North Atlantic Ocean exceptionally rich in minerals and micronutrients, which the human body recognizes and fully utilizes with zero risk of artery or tissue residue.

In fact, Lithothamnion Calcareum provides a whopping total of 74 minerals and trace elements, including high amounts of bio-available plant-based calciumironmagnesiumsodiumpotassiumcopperzinc, and selenium

Natural supplements containing this exceptional North Atlantic plant-based powerhouse of organic nutrients will without fail boost your health and that of your little ones. While global warming continues, the situation of nutrient dilution in plants, fruit, and vegetables will worsen in tandem.  

Cures & Creams are truly proud not only to have found Organamin, which is primarily used for its plant-based Lithothamnion Calcareum calcium source, but we found other natural remedies also featuring this North Atlantic sea wonder-plant. Feel free to explore the online store and see for yourself.

Summary: Adding natural supplements and organic remedies to a good routine of healthy eating and exercise will greatly fortify our immune systems in the face of the current pandemic and future outbreaks.  Sourcing supplements containing natural, organic Lithothamnion Calcareum, supplies most of what we and our children need for healthy immune function in the face of the ongoing nutrient depletion in our food.

Feel free to explore the Cures & Creams online store and source the natural remedy that’s just right for you and your loved ones.

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