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Spray applications are not new, but they have come into their own more significantly of late. Besides, traditional capsules or tablets don’t suit everyone, especially the elderly and children, who may find them difficult to swallow.

Next-generation oral, nasal and topical spray formulations, bypass our rather aggressive digestive systems, systems to provide a gentle mist for nasal, oral, or skin uptake which translates into astoundingly better absorption – bioavailability, they call it. Topical analgesic preparations make excellent use of skin absorption to neutralize pain, nourish, relax muscles and help heal wounds.

Organic Oral and Nasal Sprays

The mucous membranes of the tongue are covered in micro-capillaries, which transport organic nutrients straight to the bloodstream. The nasal passage is even more equipped to transport vital healing to the body. If one spray into the side of the nose is directed, then at least two sprays must be used if sprayed into the mouth.

Transcendent Liposomal Technology

Add liposomal technology and you come up with a way to pack the power of nature into the perfect carrier for our biological absorption process.

Most nutrients and drugs are made of molecules that are too large to be absorbed. The digestive system tries to break it down but much is lost along the way. Similar to  food absorption, the nutritional molecules need to be broken down to a size where they can slip between the stomach and intestinal cell walls and enter the bloodstream. The liver and other organs then re-assemble the molecules.

Liposomes are microscopic fat balls, the width of a single hair strand. These microscopic fat particles are made from phospholipids and have a cargo load, in the form of a nutrient hidden inside. These phospholipids are the same as in egg yolk or krill oil.

The liposomes are absorbed by melting into the human cell since they have an outer layer (membrane) that is made from the same phospholipids as the cell membrane. The liposome and the cell basically merge like two soap bubbles will merge when they touch each other. The content of the two spheres will also blend together and in this ingenious way, the extracted herbal goodness in the liposome is directly delivered into the cell.

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Go Shopping!

Cures & Creams stock an interesting range of organic spray preparations that use nanotechnology to deliver micro-sized droplets in perfect balance into the mouth or the nose as the case may be.

Summary: Nasal sprays address insomnia, concentration, addiction, headaches, sinus, colds and flu. Oral sprays using natural liposomal technique delivers mega Vitamin C and CoQ10 and Rewind, which is a dynamic detox spray.

Feel free to explore the Cures & Creams online store and source the natural remedy that’s just right for you and your loved ones.

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