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'Tall and tanned and young and lovely...', began the Girl from Ipanema hit of yesteryear. Everything about that concept still works except the 'tanned' part.

Today's young lovelies are fully aware of the damaging effects of unprotected exposure to the sun. Even more aware, are those whose lined and aging skin bears the visible stress of careless days in the summer.

Must You 'Up' Your Summer Skincare?

This is a yes and no issue. I mean we change from a winter to a summer wardrobe so, yes, environmental changes can't go ignored. On the other hand, good summer skincare really begins in the winter. 

Winter skincare does tend to focus more on supplying moisture if the weather is drier. That being said, your skin will become accustomed to your routine treatment and will tend not to supply moisture if it regularly gets it from you. 

Teach yourself to be aware of your skin and how it reacts to outdoor situations, to indoor settings, to air conditioning or to heated scenarios. The skin on your face is the most sensitive, so you will be more aware of when it feels tight or dry. The skin on your arms and legs is different but you will also learn how to notice when your skin is struggling to keep up. 

Give Your Skin a Chance

If you are mindful of taking care of your skin all year round, then give your skin a chance to adapt to current weather conditions before you decide to moisturize less because conditions are more humid.

Over-protecting your skin makes it 'lazy' as it were. Just as the body practices its defense mechanisms when encountering undesirable germs and builds its immunity, so it is with your skin. 

Give you skin a chance to see to itself first, only then need you 'up' your routine to accommodate a new environmental change.

Treating Your Skin Well

The truth is that sun protection is not just a summer affair. As Becky Murray well said for the UK 's Harper Bazaar online mag;

'I always recommend using sun protection all year around. The reason for this is that while the burning UVB rays are much weaker in winter, the skin ageing UVA rays don’t fluctuate as much throughout the seasons. My recommendation is to wear an SPF30-50 to slow down the ageing process and keep your skin in optimal condition long-term. However, should you have down-graded your SPF (or even worse, not used one) in the winter, then now is certainly the time to go back to daily SPF – no excuses.'

Skincare is Also an Inside Out Job

Year round skincare supplements make a lot of sense now that we understand our skins have their own 'intelligence'. Supplying collagen in a powder or capsule is giving our skin all it needs to react to environmental changes of its own accord rather than having us over-fuss. 

Supplements that boost the body's own collagen production makes even more sense because it is strengthening it's 'response-ability' to the need for extra collagen and keratin.

Cures & Creams are delighted to offer you a range of outstanding  organic skincare products and supplements that help you to work sensibly with your skin.

Supplements for Skincare Collagen and Keratin


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