Tincture versus Tea

Tinctures are essentially a concentrated liquid herbal extract made from one or more plants. Depending on where nature has its most valuable nutrients, roots, bark, leaves, flowers and berries can be used to create a concentrate. Alcohol in specific ratio is used to steep out properties that not water-soluble, delivering the greatest possible delivery format for the body.

Teas use hot water to draw out properties from dried leaves and plants. Teas deliver nature’s cures well, just in about four times less potency than a tincture. When it comes to healing our maladies, the herbal ingredients in a tincture will get to work quickly and effectively.

Tincture’s Capability

Tinctures, with their level of efficacy don’t replace supplements, the complement them an enhance them when specific cure is sought. Registered Herbalist, David Winston comments:  

“I give tinctures more than any other form of herbal remedy.”

The body readily and efficiently absorbs the properties and nutrients in tincture form. Usually taken on drops under the tongue, the ingredients are delivered to the system without having to muscle their way through the digestive system, losing their clout along the way.

Drawn directly from nature’s apothecary, apoptogenic plants treat an astonishingly wide variety of ailments. That’s nature for you. Unlike the two-edged sword of artificial, laboratory manufactured allopathic medicines that treat one issue only to do significant damage elsewhere, nature’s remedies support related systems while focusing on a specific cure.

The Ease of Tinctures over Teas

We’re not knocking herb teas by any means, they have their very worthy place. But let’s face it, tinctures are a whole lot easier than tablets or capsules, especially for children who may struggle to swallow pills. Taking tinctures is quick, they are light to carry around and you don’t have to wait for boiling water and steeping time.

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