When Skin-Deep Matters

So, you thought your skin was there to keep your innards in and bad stuff out, right? Actually, it’s a ‘yes and no’ thing. Yes, our skin keeps us together and serves as a barrier to protect the body against bacteria, microbes and other environmental stress, but skin is more penetrable than you think. What is absorbed goes directly to muscles, ligaments joints, blood vessels and bone. That is why we say, ‘make sure it's good stuff that penetrates’.

Your Skin Sucks

The skin sucks up far more we imagine.  What is absorbed from using traditional creams and cosmetics are the undesirable additives, preservatives, emulsifying agents, coloring and perfumes. Once the water content of such products evaporates, the fatty residue actually blocks the pores.  That is not to say that a good sunscreen is a bad thing, not at all. A good quality product still allows your skin to breathe while protecting you from UV rays.

Mind Your Baby’s Skin

baby skin organic balm cream oils

Toxic chemicals find their way into the bloodstream and lymphatic system. This is never a good idea, and especially not in the case of babies or the elderly. Seriously, read the label because synthetic materials like petroleum derivatives and synthetic fragrances find their way in my many names. Cocoamidopropyl Betaine Olefin Sulfonate Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Cocoyl Glutamate Sodium Luaroyl Sarcosinate and Sulfates are among the main culprits.

Rest assured that natural and organic products nourish the skin, take essential nutrients into the body without harm. And your baby will love it.

Your Skin Recognizes Natural Ingredients

Nature’s apothecary produces properties our bodies ‘recognize’ so to speak. The cells open their gates wide to the friendlies and absorption is at its maximum. Penetration goes right into deep tissue to feed, nourish, repair, and replenish sore muscles, sprains, sports injuries and soothes joint pain.

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