Health and Healing are in Your Hands

The simple fact is that no chemical or therapy can force the body to recover for as long as our habits of life continually weaken our immune defenses. Toxic impurities promote constipation and leave the body hopelessly malnourished.

Health restoration protocols can heal illnesses and fight the killer diseases that take the lives of millions each year.

How Concerned Are You  About Your Health?

It is very likely that your interest in health was triggered by sickness of some sort. Applying proven healing remedies and therapies will help nature correct a fault and restore health. Simply expelling poisons from the system via a detox can restore the body’s self-healing capability.

We're not here to discredit allopathic medicine. There is every possibility that they can serve as part of your healing arsenal. What we are saying, however, is that when medicines are prescribed and no thought is given to causes, then medicine may only mask symptoms, rather than provide healing.

If no consideration is given to the functions and body system weaknesses, allopathic medicines tend to add to the toxic load. An inquiry should be made regarding diet and lifestyle with appropriate recommendations for future living habits if ill health is to be reversed and restored.

Your first duty is to bring your lifestyle and diet back into harmony with timeless adages such as - ‘you reap what you sow’ and ‘you are what you eat’. These precepts support and promote life. Health restoration cannot be achieved entirely through remedies and therapies. What you allow into your system either supports or sabotages your health and well-being.

Your four Pillars of Health

1) Heredity versus Your Harmful Habits

While there are hereditary diseases, those that we bring upon ourselves by 'inheriting' bad cooking practices and unhealthy lifestyles are reversible. No one can seriously expect any therapy to work while continuing unabated with the unhealthy lifestyle habits facilitating vulnerability to illness in the first place.

Victim mentality will leave you paralysed on your path of ill health.  Simple dietary modifications could prevent fifty percent of all cancers. Taking responsibility and replacing harmful habits with better ones, is the highway to health.

2) Senseless Suppression

Using painkillers and other OTC (over-the-counter) remedies often suppresses the warning signals the body sends to indicate a problem. A better approach is to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Biofeedback modalities and iridology can usually pinpoint the issue that needs attention. 

3) Take No Prisoners

When health is scarce, disease fills the void. Healthy functioning is the primary way to drive out disease. Our improved health or vitality ultimately overrides disease, restoring health and healing what ails us, aided at times by health modalities and natural remedies. 

4) Harness Your Innate Healing Capacity

The human body is a brilliantly designed self-healing, self-perpetuating organism. Rather than hamper this capability, work with it!  The body possesses the power to destroy cancer cells, learn how to help. 

Healthful Healing is a Decision

  • People who live and eat wisely seldom if ever contract cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. - their vitality is their greatest protection. 
  • Those who follow a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle usually have good skin, healthy bowel function, strong bones, and strong teeth. Their decision to pursue healthy habits strengthens every part of their bodies.
  • People who go to health hydros usually recover from all manner of illnesses - their proactive quest for improved vitality and detoxification heals them.

A focus on healthy living brings many rewards as you get started on the path to healing. Natural and organic supplements turbo boost your efforts. You deserve a healthy life and so does your family.

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