Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously


  • Awesome Reasons to Take Yourself Less Seriously
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves relationships
  • Boosts creativity and learning
  • Increases joy and enjoyment
  • Enhances resilience
The more easily you get offended,
the less developed you are as a human being.”
― Robert Celner

One of the most common emotional responses causing personal, inner discomfort is the feeling that arises from taking ourselves too seriously. Not that one should live frivolously, life is full of matters of serious concern which we attend to with due diligence, we’re talking about the times we are simply experiencing a sense of humour failure.

But while being offended by injustice or something of s gross nature is vital, that uncomfortable feeling we get when we feel affronted by someone’s sarcasm, or failed to impress someone that mattered, or we perceive others as ‘having it in for us’, all that’s happened, is that we’ve allowed ourselves to feel helpless and victimized. 

Here’s  a common root cause:

“People get addicted to feeling offended all the time because it gives them a high; being self-righteous and morally superior feels good.” ― Mark Manson

Taking ourselves too seriously often goes hand-in-glove with the need to be right. That paradigm will cause a boatload of trouble throughout life. If you struggle to take criticism when you’ve tried your best, or can’t take a ribbing when you turned up at an official event believing it was a fancy dress and you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re taking yourself too seriously.

“The Art of Self, I've learned, is indispensable to material success but corrosive to the human spirit. What's more, much of the misery in the world, I've decided, is caused by people who take themselves too seriously. Certainly, most of the unhappiness I've brought on myself has come from trying to impress others.
― Lionel Fisher

Think about it. Can you control what other people say, or think? If feeling a lack of control finds you feeling offended, the solution is simple. Take yourself less seriously, and hold space for others to be who they choose to be - after all, we’re all in different places on life’s journey. Take responsibility for your journey and allow others to get on with theirs - you don’t have to be the fix.

“The people I find most appealing nowadays are those so secure in who they are, so lacking in ego, pretense, and guile, that they can allow others simply to be themselves. It is, I think, the rarest of privileges, the freedom to be completely oneself in the company of others.” ― Lionel Fisher (again!)

The Bottom Line: Taking ourselves too seriously is about the amount of control we try to take over things that are uncontrollable in our lives.

More Awesome Reasons to Take Yourself Less Seriously

  • Reduces stress and anxiety 

When you constantly worry about every detail and feel immense pressure to be perfect, it can lead to significant stress and anxiety. Lightening up and allowing yourself to laugh at mistakes or unexpected situations can significantly reduce tension and promote a calmer state of mind.

  • Improves relationships
  • Taking yourself too seriously can make you come across as rigid, inflexible, and unwilling to compromise. By being more open-minded and playful, you can build stronger and more enjoyable relationships with others.

  • Boosts creativity and learning
  • When you're afraid to make mistakes or try new things, it can hinder your creativity and limit your learning potential. Embracing a lighter attitude allows you to experiment, explore different ideas, and approach challenges with more openness, leading to personal and professional growth.

  • Enhances resilience
  • Life throws unexpected curveballs, and taking everything too seriously can make it harder to bounce back from setbacks. Maintaining a sense of humor and perspective allows you to navigate challenges with greater ease and resilience.

  • Increases joy and enjoyment
  • Life is meant to be savored! By not taking yourself too seriously, you can open yourself up to experiencing more joy, laughter, and fun in everyday moments.

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    Summary:  taking yourself too seriously doesn't mean neglecting your responsibilities or disregarding important matters. It's about finding a healthy balance between taking things seriously and maintaining a sense of humor and perspective.

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