The Girl and the Pebbles



For those times when we imagine our options are limited, or there's a fork in the road, or we're at the cliff's edge, or when the wolf's at the door...

Once upon a long time ago, a small-town merchant was called up by his money lender for the large debt he owed. The money lender, a man of mean and crafty disposition had his eye on the merchant's daughter, despite being twice her age.

He craftily thought up a way to relieve the merchant from his weighty debt and secure the daughter for himself. Calling them all together at the beach one day, the money lender explained that he would place two pebbles into a bag, one white, the other black. 

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Either stone would wipe the debt but the black stone required the daughter be given him in marriage, whereas the white stone would set her free.

The merchant looked at his daughter, surprised that she seemed enthusiastic about the plan.

She had noticed that the money lender had in fact, picked two black pebbles from the ground to put in the bag and no white ones and saw the two obvious options:

1. Draw out both pebbles and reveal the money lender's deception

2. Take out a pebble knowing it would be black, and sacrifice herself to clear her father's debt

But there was a third option. Her Father had always taught her to think outside the box. Taking out a pebble from the bag in her closed palm, she 'accidentally-on-purpose', dropped it among the many pebbles lying on the ground.

'Oh how clumsy I am,' she exclaimed coyly. Never mind, you can take the other one out the bag, and then we'll know which one I picked.'

The lessons:

Hindsight may help us see that there were, in fact, other options at those times we thought we had no choice in a matter.

Being the heroes of our own journey, means never giving up - just like the heroes we admire in real-life accounts or in the movies.

Most importantly, never give up on yourself. giving up on our health is giving up on ourselves as no one else can help where will not.

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