Ultimate Joint Guard

  • Barbie Lightbody:

       In just a matter of days of beginning my course, all the places where twinges         and twitches are known to hang out have been soothed at source leaving me         at 75, to feel as free as I care to be that day and always with energy to spare.
       Thank you,  Cures & Creams!


  • Doctor Josia Kizito:
    International scientist and medical researcher Doctor Josia Kizito (see on LinkedIn) endorses Organi-mune. 'Patients that were administered Organi-mune drops were very sick, had poor appetites, no energy and were losing weight. The results were amazing! Organi-mune also helps reduce the wasting away process that could be brought on by noncommunicable diseases such as diabetes and cancer. In my experience, there is no better immune boosting product than Organi-mune drops.'


  • Sandy Malherbe
    I was introduced to Organamin when it entered the market ... (almost 15 years ago), and have been an avid supporter of the product since then.

    Although I initially used it to supplement my daily calcium requirement, I soon began to experience other benefits, such as, relief from aching joints, insomnia, cramps, heartburn and indigestion.

    For me, Organamin has been and still is  'wow' product! I am never without it and wholeheartedly recommend it for all its beneficial properties. 

Ultimate Slimming Aid

  • Tracey Binge
    I have been using Ultimate Slimming tablets for the past year and I am so happy with the results. The tablets have not only reduced my food and sugar cravings but have helped me control my portion sizes.

    I have lost about 10 kg and could not have done it without the help of the tablets.

    About a month ago, I ran out of the tablets and within in 3 days could feel a significant difference. I was lethargic and bloated, craving food and feeling generally unhappy.

    I have to add that these tablets do not interfere with the medication for thyroid and blood pressure that I am on.

Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails

  • Robyn Gouws
    I've been taking Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails for some time now, and I am very impressed!

    My hairdresser, Tanya van As has commented on all the new hair growth when she sees me and my nails have grown much more quickly and are stronger than they've ever been.

    An unexpected and wonderful effect has been the lessening of inflammation and joint pain! I was told by a GP and a surgeon that I would need shoulder surgery for bursitis, and I was in pain for several years from the shoulder.

    It began to look like I would need surgery but the pain has disappeared since I started Ultimate Hair, Skin and Nails :) Thank you


  • Andrea - Kent, UK
    My children found it far more effective and easier to apply than the very runny Calamine lotion. It is wonderful to have a first aid kit in a tube handy for all those ailments. What did we ever do without it before!

  • Catherine - Texas, USA
    I went horseback riding for two hours. I am over 50 and it was a bit hard on my behind. I rubbed your salve on and presto. We bought 50 jars and gave them to friends. The results have been fabulous.

  • Doris - PMB, South Africa
    I want to thank you for a wonderful product. I was unable to lift my arm for months, and with only a few applications of Supersalve, I am now able to do anything with my arm.