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  • Toxic overload is a major health concern: Everyday toxins from environment, food, and emotions can build up and cause various illnesses.
  • Toxins come from many sources: They can be environmental (pollution), emotional (stress), internal (gut imbalance), lifestyle (diet, drugs), or metabolic waste products.
  • Detoxification is possible: You can help your body eliminate toxins through regular detox protocols.
  • The Ultimate REWIND detox oral spray: successfully removes toxins using nanoparticles.

“Detoxing your mind and body does wonders. It is a natural reset button.
― Robin S. Baker

One of the most important health challenges we face today is the effect of hazardous environmental toxins and internally accumulated ones that poison our systems. From conception to the grave we are bombarded with heavy metals, chemicals, microorganisms, and other external PBT’s (Persistent Bio-accumulative Toxic substances) that compromise our health and well-being.

From A – Z, anxiety, weight-loss and digestive issues, insomnia, headaches, brain fog, mood swings and zits and from Autism to Zygomycotic infection (caused by bread mold fungi) toxic overload is more often the cause than not.

How Do We Become Toxic?

Our immune system is designed to deal with a certain amount of poisoning but if a toxin doesn’t get removed, it can remain undetected in our bodies for years, building up to the point where illness makes a showing. Here are five proven toxic sources, some unexpected, some not:

  1. Emotional Toxins – anxiety, stress, and trauma affect our bodies negatively. Over time both the nervous and hormonal system becomes compromised.
  2. Environmental Toxins – from city pollutants, water and air pollution, radiation, pesticides, to cleaning products, hairsprays, perfumes and make-up tax our body’s ability to rid itself of damaging toxic exposure.
  3. Intestinal Toxins – excess yeast, bacterial growth and imbalance in the gut, leaks toxins into the bloodstream from an out-of-kilter microbiome with many health issues as a result; inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and wider systemic manifestations of disease such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and atopy. Atopy is an exaggerated IgE-mediated immune response; all atopic disorders are type I hypersensitivity disorders. Whereas an allergy is any exaggerated immune response to a foreign antigen regardless of mechanism.
  4. Lifestyle Toxins – are what we directly put into our bodies by way of prescription drugs, refined, processed and sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine overload, tobacco and the like.
  5. Metabolically Induced Toxins – naturally produced wastes are inevitably toxic, without sufficient absorbable nutrients and/or a poor diet, these build up. Underactive thyroid conditions, where metabolism is slow, are greatly assisted with regular detox protocols.

The Detox Protocol that Works

Whatever the causes of your ill-health or that of your loved ones, help is at hand. No one is a helpless victim here. You have choices. Regular detox protocols are dead easy. Cures & Creams sourced a particularly powerful detox formulation that utilizes nanoparticles of clinoptilolite (a specific zeolite) with a unique three-dimensional atomic structure.

The Rewind particles are negatively charged, while most heavy metals have a positive charge. Using the natural forces of polarity (where opposites attract), the Rewind particles attract the positive charge of the toxins, which are then adsorbed - a surface phenomenon where the molecules attach to the surface of the adsorbent, to be transported out of the body (usually through our urine) and in the case of REWIND, within about 6 hours.

The Fix: Ultimate REWIND detox oral spray is easy to administer, as it is a tasteless fluid that is simply sprayed into the mouth, and is completely safe for adults and children of all ages as well as breastfeeding mothers, seniors and domestic animals.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical or psychological advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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