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Thalovic - Revolutionary Organic Water Mineralization Treatment

Thalovic - Revolutionary Organic Water Mineralization Treatment

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Thalovic – Revolutionary Organic Water Mineralisation Treatment is a natural electrolyte, antioxidant, and free-radical neutralizer in a fusion of lithothamnium calcareum.  

Without adequate minerals, vitamins are adversely impacted and cannot perform their function properly.

Excellent for children, the elderly and even for pets.

Our source boasts zero contact with air pollutants, agricultural chemicals, water pollution, and zero phenols or toxic heavy metals present.

Liquid:  40 doses - great to add to water bottle 5 - 10 ml per litre.

Delivery within 2-4 business days


• Detox the body
• Increase energy
• Improve digestion
• Boost immune system
• Improve hair and nail growth
• Balance pH on a cellular level
• Perpetuate anti-microbial action
• Antioxidant and free radical neutralizer
• Stimulate and balance cells for optimal growth and replication
• Improve the complexion and reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing
• Supply building blocks for cellular enzyme metabolism and reactions
• Reduce joint pain and inflammation associated with osteoporosis and arthritis
• Promote electrochemical balance as a donor or acceptor of electrons expel heavy metals
• Balance and energizes the body on a cellular level, supplementing the cells with vital minerals and trace elements
• Improve enzymatic reactions in cells, stimulates enzyme development, manufacturing of and formation of enzymes
• Improve bioavailability of nutrients from food and other sources by transporting and protecting nutrients and enhancing absorption into the cell




Add to water bottle 5 - 10 ml per litre.


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