Rise and Shine: 3 Natural Practices to Supercharge Your Life!


  • Grounding: Connect to the Earth's energy by walking barefoot on grass, sand, or rock. This practice offers antioxidants and may improve cardiovascular health.
  • Breathwork: Take a few minutes for mindful breathing before starting your day. This improves emotional well-being, brain oxygenation, and mimics the benefits of deep sleep.
  • Thermal Challenge with Sunlight Exposure: Get outside within 45 minutes of sunrise for natural light to regulate your sleep cycle, synthesize vitamin D, and improve mood. Cold water therapy activates your nervous system and boosts energy.
  • These three practices are all-natural and can be incorporated into your morning routine can change your life so much you wish you'd known about it already!

 “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”
– Zig Ziglar

The morning sets the tone for the entire day. Instead of hitting snooze and rushing out the door, incorporating simple practices into your routine can leave you feeling energized, focused, and ready to conquer the day.

Enter the power trio: grounding, breathwork, and sunrise exposure.

1. Grounding Connects You to Earth's Energy

Also known as earthing, grounding involves direct skin contact with the earth's surface, typically through bare feet on damp grass, sand, or rock. This practice allows the body to absorb the earth's electron-rich, negative charge, acting as a potent natural antioxidant that assists in neutralizing free radicals.

Studies, such as those highlighted by Healthline, indicate benefits such as reduced red blood cell clumping, which supports cardiovascular health. Grounding is increasingly recognized as a safe and effective method to support overall health and enhance the body's natural healing abilities.

2. Conscious Breathing Turbo-boosts Emotional Health

Before diving into your day, taking a few minutes for mindful breathing can significantly impact emotional and physical wellbeing.

Salient comment on this is offered by Healthline, noting the benefits of one study: “The results indicated significantly less red blood cell clumping after grounding, which suggests benefits for cardiovascular health.

Health experts, such as Gary Brecka, suggest that morning breathwork sessions can mimic the benefits of deep sleep, enhancing emotional states and promoting brain oxygenation crucial for positive emotional attributes.

Check out breathing benefits with the how-to here.

3. Access Morning Light and Chill 

Exposing yourself to the first 45 minutes of sunlight after sunrise is essential for regulating circadian rhythms and synthesizing vitamin D, which supports bone health and overall wellbeing.

Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Jonathan Leary, notes regarding cryotherapeutic (cold temperature) practice: “... for people struggling with anxiety or just feeling like they lack control to start teaching the body and the mind that you can be put in extreme situations and remain calm, cold water therapy can be an amazing thing.”

Morning thermal challenges, such as Jonathan Leary's recommendations for cryotherapy (cold temperature practices) activate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing blood flow and heart rate to energize the body and mind.

How to Introduce Sunlight and a Morning Thermal Challenge:

Start the day with grounding in the first 45 minutes of sunlight. To enhance conductivity, stand barefoot on dewy, damp grass or wet rock while you drink your fist mineralized glass of water (with a pinch of natural salt and a lemon slice).

Adding 5ml of Revolutionary Thalovic minerals to your first glass of water will double-down on the good results.

Paddling ankle-deep in the sea or on the steps of a pool take it to the next level.

Putting it all Together:

By embracing these three activities, you can experience numerous benefits:

  •  Brown Fat Activation - cold exposure to cold activates brown adipose tissue, or brown fat, leading to increased calorie burning.
  • Reduced Inflammation = grounding reduces inflammation, which contributes to chronic diseases.
  • Improved Sleep - morning sunlight and grounding help regulate melatonin production, promoting better sleep quality.
  • Enhanced Mood - sunlight exposure triggers serotonin release, improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression.
  • Vitamin D Production - gentle sunlight synthesis of vitamin D supports bone health and immune function.
  • Reduced Stress - grounding and deep breathing activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation.
  • Improved Focus - breathwork enhances mental clarity and concentration.
  • Increased Energy- deep breathing techniques boost oxygen intake, leaving you feeling more energized and emotionally positive throughout the day.

Conclusion: By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can reconnect with nature, challenge your body, and experience a wide range of benefits without any cost. Embrace the power of a mindful morning ritual outdoors to enhance both mental and physical well-being.

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical or psychological advice. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

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