A Letting-Go Story


  • Holding onto things burdens you: The story highlights how we cling to past experiences (positive or negative) and other people's problems, causing us unnecessary suffering.
  • Let go to move on: The article emphasizes the importance of letting go of things that bring negativity, like past hurts, unobtainable joys, or others' pain.
  • Letting go doesn't erase the past: It clarifies that letting go doesn't mean forgetting the past but remembering it without fear or negativity.
  • Letting go opens you to the present: By letting go of burdens, you free yourself to find peace, appreciate the present, and experience new joys.

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time
in your mind.”― Shannon L. Alder

The story goes that two monks were journeying together on a five hour walk to their village. Before long, they came across a young woman in a long Kimono outfit trying to cross the very muddy road. The senior of the two monks picked her up and carried her to the other side and continued walking alongside his companion.

They walked together for hours in silence, till finally, with their village in sight, the younger monk, still stewing over the incident with the girl, could stand it no more.

‘Why did you do that?' he asked. 'Monks aren’t supposed to touch a woman!’

After the older monk revised what is meat not to touch a woman, he referred to the greater error, pointing out; 

‘I set her down hours ago, why are you still carrying her?'

Where did your thoughts, emotions and allegiances go as you read this well told tale? The story doesn’t trouble with the details about what it means to ‘touch’ a woman because details complicate things. Perceptions are most often biased and seldom an accurate barometer to go by.

The story illustrates how the human mind holds on to things. It loves to justify our thoughts, building arguments to support our view for the need to ‘be right.’ 

What burdensome baggage are you still carrying? Some common examples include:

  • Past pain – rewinding hurts and betrayals build grudges and resentments that only hurt you.
  • Past joys – when these are no longer attainable or repeatable, you hurt yourself by holding on.
  • Another’s pain – some hold onto what happened to someone else and love to remind them of it.

Try letting go of things that cause you pain, anxiety or self-doubt and negativity and see the difference it makes to your day.

Some great letting-go quotes:

‘Letting go is not forgetting, it’s remembering without fear’ – Lifehack

‘Letting go does not mean you stop caring, it means you stop forcing others to.’ – unknown

‘To heal a wound, you need to stop touching it.’ – B Wordsworthy

‘Learn to let go of what no longer serves you.’- Frazer T Buchannan

‘A spirit of acceptance helps you let go of what you cannot control.’ – Angelique de Sancé 

‘Contentment in what is helps you let go of what was.’ Becky Bridges

LessonLetting go does not negate or minimize your past pains or past joys, it frees you to find contentment and open to see the joy and the good going on in your world today.

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