The Frog's Chorus


  • A group of frogs mocked two struggling to jump out of a hole.
  • One frog gave up due to the discouragement and drowned.
  • The deaf frog, mistaking the jeers for cheers, kept jumping and escaped.
  • Moral: Words have power, choose to be encouraging and ignore negativity.

A group of frogs in the woods came across two other frogs who had fallen into a deep, slippery, waterlogged hole. Looking over the edge, the quickly assessed the situation and yelled, 'It's hopeless, you guys!'

The two trapped frogs, however, ignored their prognosis and renewed their efforts to jump out.

But the group at the top kept yelling at them to give it up, they'd never make it. One of the frogs finally paid heed, gave up, slid into the boggy bottom of the hole and drowned.

The other frog continued jumping high as he could. The group at the top continued their frog chorus about ending the pain and accepting one's fate.


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With the last of his strength, the remaining frog dug deep and giving his all, finally jumped high enough to scramble out.

As soon as he reached the top, the group of frogs seemed angry at his success. They all shouted at  once, 'What is wrong with you? Didn't you hear us?'

The exhausted frog, now close enough to read their lips, shook his head. With gestures, he explained that he was deaf.

He thought that they were encouraging him the whole time!

Moral: Words have power. What we say has a greater effect on others than we sometimes realize. Before we speak - think. It could make a life-changing difference to someone.

And if someone insists on being negative, remember the frog's chorus, dumb it down and choose positive voices to heed.

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